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Traditional Chinese Medicine in Melbourne

Enjoy optimal, holistic health and wellbeing

Achieve a harmonic balance in your physical and spiritual self with help from Zen5. With our vast experience in Chinese medicine, we approach wellbeing by focusing on the 5 elements in the body, and their corresponding organs – Water (Kidney), Fire (Heart), Wood (Liver), Earth (Spleen), Metal (Lung).  In Chinese Medicine, internal organs aren’t just physical, but emotional, mental and spiritual as well. We focus on complete, holistic health care, with our clients’ needs and lifestyles in mind.

Since the late 1980’s, we’ve been providing Melbourne residents with a range of traditional Chinese medicine treatments including:

Chinese medicine and natural therapies – North, South, East and West!

At Zen5 our Chinese medicine services are designed to restore and retain complete wellness in your mind, body and spirit. We have various convenient locations across Melbourne including:

As you can see, whether it’s Melbourne’s North, South, East or West you’re in, we’re there for you.

To learn more about the various benefits of traditional Chinese medicine, get in contact with your nearest location today.