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A Guide to the Earth Element

There are five elements that affect the way the world works: wood, fire, metal, water, and earth. Every one of these elements is unique and has characteristics that affect us. Depending on your own personality, you might have an imbalance of one of these elements. If you’re wondering exactly how the elements could affect you, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’re going to discuss the Earth element.

What is the Earth Element?

Earth ElementThis earth element derives from the season of late summer. As we all know, summer tends to be intense and as such, both heat and brightness can cause an individual to feel overwhelmed.

Because the earth element represents late summer, you can expect to feel a decrease in, well, everything. The earth element means you take the time to slow down and collect yourself. This is a time for you to practice self-care so as to lead a more abundant life.

The Earth element represents our stomachs. That’s because it is believed that our bodies can receive food and receive nourishment from it. When we eat out food, we produce saliva and this is believed to be a representation of the Earth element. In Chinese medicine, it is believed that you should avoid icy drinks because your fire Fire element will be compromised as a result.

The Complications

There are complications regarding the Earth element. When you’re missing this aforementioned nourishment, there are consequences. You might feel yourself being deprived of emotions and you might attempt to look elsewhere for this much-needed comfort.

On the other hand, when your Earth element is out of balance, you might find yourself in the opposite situation and feeling extra conscious of your emotions. You may find that the same needs you were feeling deprived of will become in excess. An individual might also become manipulative and use these tactics to get closer to individuals. He or she might exaggerate to prove a point, complain a lot, or might deny his or her needs.

How to Be Harmonious During Late Summer

If you want to live well during the late summer, there are a few steps you should take. For one thing, you need to eat both fruits and vegetables. That’s because they are nutritious and can provide your system with everything it’s missing out on. When you need sweets, you can eat peaches and when you need to cool down, you can eat cucumbers.

You should also try to nourish other people as much as possible. Remember, these people are the ones who will help you through your journey and who will provide you with support. The more connections you have, the better off you are in life.

When you’re in the late summer, you need to take the necessary precautions to prepare for Autumn. During this time, you need to seriously consider what you’re going to let go of as Autumn approaches and what you’re willing to hold onto.


Chinese medicine is one of the best ways for you to understand the world around you and to understand the way the world works. The Earth element is unique, to say the least. It affects the fluctuations of your emotions and the way your body functions during late Summer. When your Earth element is balanced, so is your life. When it is not, adjustments need to be made.

If you have any questions about the Earth element or other elements, let us know today! We want to hear about all of your inquiries.

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