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About Zen5

About Us

What is Zen 5?

Ever wonder why some people have a spring in their step, or seem to be at peace with the world? While some are struggling with the weight of the world on their shoulders, or the aches in their bodies, others seem to have reached a perfect Zen state.

We believe in balancing the mind, body and spirit to achieve a perfect Zen state of optimum health. To be in a “Zen state” means the mind and body are united to eliminate mental or physical ailments. Our philosophy is to engage and treat the five (5) key organs in the body, which in turn affect emotional and physical wellbeing.

Take the Chinese Medicine view of the Heart for example – ever heard the expression “to make the heart sing with joy?” In Chinese Medicine, the Heart is the organ that controls happiness and affects anxiety and depression. We see the health of the Liver as responsible for anger levels. Fear indicates weak Kidney energy, whilst paranoia stems from an under-performing Spleen! Overwhelming sadness and grief is treated by strengthening the Lungs. Chinese Medicine takes a holistic, complete view of a person’s health.

Now picture this: The world is made up of five key elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. If there is too much or not enough of any of these elements in the environment, imbalance happens. We view the body as a landscape, and each of these elements contributes to a healthy ecosystem.

The body’s organs are matched with these five elements: Heart=Fire, Liver=Wood, Spleen=Earth, Lungs=Metal and Kidneys=Water. Each of the elements support and restrict each other. Wood creates Fire (we need Wood to make a Fire) which in turn creates Earth (in the form of ash), in turn creating metal (underground mineral deposits) and so on. Water restricts Fire in nature by putting it out. So, according to Chinese Medicine, to treat the symptoms of the Fire element, we use the Water element.

About Zen5 Melbourne

Our philosophy dictates how we manage each patient.

We use five techniques in our practice in accordance with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM):

AcupunctureChinese Herbal MedicineMassage, Qigong and Tai chi (meditation) and Diet Therapy.

Why 5? This is the most balanced number between 1 and 9.  Five elements linked with the five organs, five emotional states of being, and managed using five techniques.  Zen 5’s objective is to provide optimal health and wellbeing through striking the perfect balance.

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