Zen 5 History

The story of Zen 5 began many years ago with Dr Tian Xiao’s (TCM) great grandfather in China. He was a distinguished court doctor on whom the Emperor relied to provide medical advice and relief from ailments and illnesses.

This gift of healing was passed down the generations to Dr Tian Xiao (TCM) who founded the Beijing Medicine Centre in Melbourne over 15 years ago.  In his practice, Dr Xiao (TCM) relies on his great grandfather’s age-old techniques using the five healing practices of acupuncture, herbal medicine, Chinese massage, dietary advice and meditation.

To meet the increasing needs of patients seeking alternative therapies, the practice has expanded over the years to include 4 additional clinics.  The team was also expanded to include practitioners from areas including massage and remedial therapies – together the team reviews the cases of hundreds of patients each week to ensure they receive the best care and attention.

Today the practice remains the same, however the name “Beijing Medicine Centre” has been changed to “Zen 5” – a name that pays homage to the use of the 5 traditional healing techniques.  We are proud to be associated with the history and techniques that provide an effective alternative to modern medicine.