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Acupuncture Fitzroy

Fitzroy – Chinese Medicine And Acupuncture

The human body is incredibly complex and very delicate. Thousands of nerves connect your tissues and enable these parts of your body to communicate with your brain and vice versa. It frequently happens that the communication in nerve networks get disrupted and as a result, your body’s screams for attention often doesn’t reach your mind and your mind, in return, cannot send the needed help to heal damages in tissues or to fight off infections. It is incredibly important to keep the communication channels in your body wide open and to ensure that you are on the right diet and use the right herbal treatments to promote a healthy nerve system, healthy organs, and a healthy digestive system.

At Zen5 we understand how commercial, modern medications can affect your body negatively and how easily your body can get out of tune. We mainly focus on the five major elements in your body and use Acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Chinese massage, and diet therapy to restore your bodies balance so you can heal and overcome various health issues.


Acupuncture is frequently used in modern society and can treat numerous health issues. An acupuncturist uses fine needles to trigger nerve endings in specific areas of your body. By triggering these areas, communication and blood circulation to these and connected nerves, organs and tissue are stimulated which helps the body focus on these areas that might require healing. The treatment is also fantastic for easing muscle tension and is most commonly used for pain management. Here are the best ways our Fitzroy acupuncturists can assist you through this ancient treatment;

Reduce headaches and migraines – Chronic headache and migraine sufferers find immediate relief through these treatments and enjoy long-term pain-free results.

Reduce chronic pain – Pain in the lower back, upper back, neck, knee, arthritis pains and other types of pain can be successfully reduced with the use of this treatment.

Mental conditions – Acupuncture also assists in the treatment of various mental health conditions and their symptoms although these conditions are usually treated with a combination of herbal medications and physical treatments. Mental health conditions such as insomnia, depression, anxiety and more can be improved upon with this revolutionary treatment.

Improved cancer and chemotherapy recovery – The treatment is also superb for reducing some of the negative symptoms of chemotherapy such as nausea.

Prevents cognitive decline – Age-related cognitive decline symptoms is prevented because the nerve system is healthy and well-functioning.



    Chinese medicine and our Chinese massage therapy are also used to treat various health conditions. At Zen5 we use over 6000 raw herb materials to develop herbal treatments that suit your body type and health condition perfectly. Fitzroy herbal therapies are used for a great variety of purposes and can improve your health in the following ways;

    Reduce inflammation – Herbal therapy, combined with other treatments can successfully treat inflammation which can cause numerous other health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.

    Improves cognitive health – Treatments can be used to treat mental issues such as depression but is also frequently demanded to keep your mind sharp and healthy and to promote communication in your body so you can function at your best.

    Boosted immune system – Herbal therapy and diet therapy focuses on healthy nutrition consumption and the avoiding of foods that are toxic to your body. Herbal therapies can also be used to improve your digestive system all of which improves your ability to absorb nutrition and results in a healthier and stronger immune system.

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