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Frequent headache cannot be ignored!Precise acupoint selection of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture + modern anatomical knowledge help to remove “bomb” in your body!

Case Provider:Dr.John Lu

Patient complaint

Anne is a 51-year-old Melbourne lady, around 1.80 meters in height, with slim figure and slender neck. She is an elegant and charming lady. However, recently her face appeared tired because she was troubled by her frequent headaches. She tried to relieve the headache by massage, but it became more and more serious. What worse, it also caused her shoulder and neck discomfort and temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD). Anne didn’t want to take painkillers to relieve her pain, hoping for a more natural and side-effect-free traditional Chinese medicine treatment, so she came zen5 and asked for treatment.

TCM consultation and treatment:

Dr. John Lu was responsible for this treatment. He first carried out a physical examination and pulse taking of the patient:

  • The patient was in a stooped state with her head forward and her shoulder rolled in. The headache reached the temples and the back of her eyes.
  • When touching the junction of bilateral neck and shoulder, it shows a cord-like nodule, which causes pain when giving a little pressure on.
  • After rotating her head and neck, no obvious abnormality observed.
  • The coating on the tongue is thin and white, and the pulse condition feels string-like thin. The patient has normal urine and stool.

The principle of treatment: Release the tense muscles, fascia and other soft tissues of skull, neck and shoulder to relieve pain. Take acupuncture, cupping, massage, stretching, respiratory guidance and exercise to help the patient maintain a healthy posture. The first treatment aimed at relieving headache. Acupuncture was adopted at the acupoints on the head, shoulder and distal areas, and manual massage and stretching were applied. After the above treatment, Anne felt that the pain was greatly relieved! She was overjoyed, couldn’t wait to make an appointment with Dr. John Lu for the next treatment to consolidate the curative effect and correct the unhealthy posture. In the subsequent treatment, Dr. John Lu will also provide Anne respiratory guidance and exercise instructions to improve the overall effect.

TCM treatment principle:

Dr. John Lu expressed that he encounters such cases almost every day in the clinic. The pathological mechanism is: The discomfort of neck and shoulder and headache are caused by the imbalance of muscle, fascia and soft tissue tension around the skull, neck and shoulder due to improper body posture. The most common muscles (groups) are trapezius, sternocleidomastoid, head splinter muscle, neck splinter muscle, levator scapulae muscle and posterior occipital muscles. These muscle groups are out of balance and overstretched due to wrong body posture. If the long-term tension is not relieved, not only the pain will occur frequently, but also the organic lesions of cervical spine bones and attached tendons and fascia will develop into a real cervical spondylosis. Due to the work needs, Anne has been sedentary for many years. She has been bent and hunched over for a long time, resulting in muscle adaptation and memory solidification.

Dr.John Lu has his own experience and understanding of spine related diseases through long-term clinical practice and learning a large number of relevant theories of traditional Chinese and Western medicine:

The spine is located at the central axis of the human body. Its front and back are the Ren Du two veins in the meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine. It is also the access channel and hub of various nerves that manage the whole-body organs and motor system confirmed by modern medical anatomy. Due to the changes of life and work style, the surrounding muscles and soft tissues have acute and chronic injuries and inflammatory reactions due to bad posture and wrong habits. Over time, scarring and adhesion will occur in the interior and space of soft tissue, and inappropriate tensile pressure will often be generated on the cervical spine, which will affect the nerves, and then affect the innervated organs, muscles or the feeling of a certain part, resulting in various clinical symptoms and signs including pain.

The performance of motor skeletal muscle system is often the common symptoms of pain and discomfort in the head, neck, shoulder, waist, and pelvis. Internal diseases that affect the internal organs and nervous system, such as cardiopulmonary function, blood pressure, blood glucose, digestive function, metabolic function, male and female diseases, they are all possibly the result of soft tissue injury around the spine. The theory of spine related diseases is an effective diagnosis and treatment idea and method recognized by both traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine in theory and practice.

Unfortunately, whether traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine, many doctors pay too much attention to the treatment of clinical symptoms or specific problems and neglect to find the cause at the source of the spine. For all kinds of head, neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain, arthritis, and visceral functional diseases, especially patients whose symptoms are still not improved after regular massage or drugs or physical treatment, Dr. Lu suggested that these patients should be carefully examined and analyzed, and different ideas and methods should be used to improve symptoms and achieve curative effect. Dr. Lu is also very happy to provide patients with diagnosis and treatment consultation and further services.

Profile of Dr.John Lu:

Dr. John Lu is a registered Chinese medicine practitioner and acupuncturist in Australia. He has a bachelor’s degree in Chinese mainland (5 years) and a master’s degree in Chinese medicine and acupuncture from the Department of Chinese medicine, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). Dr. Lu’s western medical background and the theory and practice of traditional Chinese medicine have accumulated some of his own experience and methods in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Dr. Lu believes that both Chinese and Western doctors consider from different angles and climb towards the peak of curing patients. If both traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine can look forward to diseases and climb this peak, it shows that they are interlinked rather than mutually exclusive. Because of his background in western medicine, when seeing a doctor, he not only understands the patient’s condition and pathogenesis from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, but also habitually understands the patient’s condition and pathogenesis from the perspective of modern medicine. He can often achieve satisfactory curative effect by combining the diagnosis and treatment ideas and methods of traditional Chinese medicine.

Dr. Lu is currently attending Zen5 Camberwell clinic. His working hours are as follows.

Monday: 9:30am – 5:00pm

Tuesday: 9:30am – 5:00pm

Thursday: 9:30am – 5:00pm

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