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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Hicaps?

A. HICAPS is Australia’s leading electronic claiming service, providing members of participating health fund the convenience of electronic claims (health fund and Medicare Easyclaim) processing and payments at the point of service.
HICAPS can save time and money… and deliver real business benefits to health service providers.

Q. What happens on my first visit?

A. One of our trained, registered practitioners will assess your overall health and wellbeing. It is advisable to bring with you a list of your symptoms, treatment to date, and family history.  We will check the colour and quality of your tongue, and your pulse rate to understand your energy and physical state.  We may also need to check pressure points around your body – so we suggest you wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Depending on the diagnosis, your practitioner will discuss the various treatments available, which may involve acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietary advice, massage and meditation.  They will then commence these treatments – which may vary during subsequent visits.

Your first visit will take approximately 1 hour, and subsequent visits will generally be between 40 minutes and 1 hour.

Q. What should I do before my appointment?

A. We recommend avoiding a large meal, caffeine or tobacco one hour prior to your appointment. Alcohol is prohibited for consumption prior to an acupuncture session. Vigorous exercise or sexual activity may disrupt your pulse pattern and should be avoided in the hour prior to treatment.

Aim to arrive at the clinic 10 – 15 minutes prior to your appointment. Upon arrival we have relaxing tea and water available.

Q. Will I be able to drive after treatment? Is there anything I should avoid?

A. After treatment we recommend sitting quietly to relax, or going for a gentle walk or engaging in mild exercise.  You will be able to drive, however we recommend you avoid stressful situations, alcohol, vigorous exercise and a large meal.

Q. What is deep tissue massage and remedial massage?

A. Deep tissue massage applies a range of techniques in a deliberate and focused manner to release and relax chronic holding patterns in all layers of the body; it works holistically to alleviate pain, promote better posture, flexibility and fluid movement.

Remedial massage applies a detailed knowledge of anatomy and physiology to assess and treat the cause of specific problems one may be experiencing. This kind of treatment often addresses dysfunctions such as chronic muscular pain, sporting and occupational injuries, injury rehabilitations, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, whiplash, and repetitive strain injury.

Q. What is Relexology?

A. Foot massage or reflexology works in the same manner as acupuncture. Each area of the foot corresponds with another area of the body and by massaging each part of the foot, you may be working on your liver, kidney, colon, stomach, etc. a large number of health benefits have been proved.

Q. I’ve never had acupuncture before – what is it, and how will it make me feel?

A. Acupuncture is a gentle approach using fine needles to stimulate various pressure points around your body.  There are over 500 pressure points on your body – and depending on your condition your practitioner will perform acupuncture on several pointswhich can vary in number up to approx 12 points.

As the needles are so fine, some patients don’t experience any sensation while they are being inserted, while others may feel a slight sensation, which may be followed by some mild tingling, cramping or numbness as the needle is manipulated. This feeling is only momentary and will pass.

After treatment our patients often report feeling relaxed and calm.  If we have provided an intense treatment you may feel slightly drowsy for some time afterwards. We recommend you take it easy and relax.  You may also feel a flare-up of your symptoms, however this will be momentary as your life-force (Qi) re-settles.

Q. Are the needles sterile?

A. Yes. All of our needles are one-time use only pre-sterilised disposable needles.  All of our acupuncturists and chinese medicine practitioners are registered with Chinese Medicine Registration Board of Victoria.

Q. I’m scared of needles; do I need acupuncture as part of the treatment?

A. No.  While we do recommend acupuncture to treat severe internal ailments, we do our best to make sure you are relaxed and comfortable with treatments at all times. Our needles are 25 to 50 times finer than hypodermic needles, however we understand patients may prefer other options. We can replace acupuncture with oriental bodywork – where we manipulate the soft tissue using stretching and joint rotation techniques.

Q. Should I tell my doctor?

A. Chinese medicine is complementary to modern medicine. We always believe that you should advise any health professionals treating you that you’re undertaking another form of treatment.  Similarly, please advise our practitioners if you are on any medication, as this may affect your response to treatment.

Q. Is treatment covered by insurance?

A. Yes. Patients with private extras cover with the majority of private health insurance companies are able to claim rebates for single treatments such as Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine consultation and Remedial Massage. (Only one therapy can be claimed at a mixed treatment session.) HICAPS facilities are available.

Q. Do you accept credit cards?

A. We accept all major credit cards at our 5 clinics.

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