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Miracle! A young lady with 99% of acne has been eliminated by 70% after 4 courses of Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment.

A 27 years-old young lady with acne came to Zen5 Chinese Medicine Center seeking medical assistance. 99% of Acnes are covered on the face; big, red and swollen papules with pus mainly located on the forehead, cheeks and chin. More seriously, excess oil secretion on the skin made her young face look dull and unclean. Even a bit of pressure on the pimple can cause the pain.

Patient mentioned about her background that she comes from the northern part of China and particularly craves spicy food. As her current job is very busy which brings her massive stress and also affects her sleep quality resulting in insomnia. Even though she was worried a lot, she is still strong enough to overcome everything in her life. However, what breaks her down the most is awful-growing acnes on her face declining her self-confidence rapidly. She has bad breath at the same time which makes her embarrassed to engage with others. When she got to know Dr. Jessie in Zen5 is good at treating skin disorders, she quickly came to Zen5 for consultation in July 2021.

By conducting detailed consultation, careful observation, tongue reading and pulse taking from Chinese Medicine perspective, the diagnosis is as following:

Pulse: Slippery & taut. Slippery, indicating dampness in the body. Taut, indicating heat.

Tongue: Yellow thick and greasy coating. Yellow colour of coating represents internal heat in the stomach and the thick greasy coating represents the severe dampness from the spleen.

Overall, the patient was diagnosed with Stomach heat & Spleen deficiency. Regarding dysfunction of transportation and transformation of stomach and spleen, the accumulated damp-heat showed on the face. Although the patient’s face appeared as oily type, the underlying skin type actually is dry. Combined with dry weather in Melbourne, the more oil the skin secretes, the more “luxuriant land” that allows acnes to grow.

Based on the above diagnosis, Dr.Jessie provided specific TCM treatment which is divided into the following steps:

  1. Use specific Chinese Medicine cosmetic acupuncture treatment that focuses on the facial skin according to the distribution and quantity of acne. Applied 15 more needles in the first course of treatment. When facial condition improves with significant effect, the number of needles can be decreased.
  2. Perform acupuncture on the body to reinforce the treatment
  3. Prescribe the Chinese Herbal Medicine powder to help with body regulation: Clearing heat and detoxification, dispelling damp-heat, nourishing the “Yin” and moistening the dryness.
  4. Advise the patient to drink peppermint tea daily. Peppermint has the effects of clearing heat and relieving stress.
  5. Advice of dietary adjustment: No spicy food allowed.

Initial treatment effect: The redness and swelling of acnes subsided, the size of acnes became smaller, and the face was much cleaner. When the patient had a video call with her parents, her family saw the significant changes of her face. Everyone was surprised and happy!

So far, the patient has been treated with Chinese Medicine Therapy for 4 courses. The forehead acne has subsided, and there are still a small number of tiny acne and acne marks on the cheeks. Dr.Jessie said that, “No worries, the acne marks can also be removed by acupuncture.” Now the patient’s acne had been eliminated by 70%, and it was predicted that it would need 3 to 4 more courses of treatment to be fully recovered. On the other hand, Dr.Jessie would continue prescribing Chinese Herbal Medicine to regulate the patient’s internal heat in the body and improve her sleep.

Why can acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal medicine treatment improve the acne and re-obtain clean and healthy skin?

Acupuncture treatment is based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory view that acne is caused by any one or a combination of several pathogenic factors. These include intense Lung Heat or Stomach Heat, Damp-Heat with Blood Stasis and “Qi” (vital energy) Stagnation. As the condition becomes protracted, pathogenic heat rises and accumulates in the skin and tissues, which brings on the lesions.

The potential mechanism of acupuncture points stimulation for acne is to relieve Heat toxicity, eliminate Dampness, regulate the Qi and blood, and enhance immunologic function. Therefore, acupuncture can reduce the redness and swelling of skin breakouts. Some studies have mentioned that acupuncture can stimulate and balance androgen levels, thereby inhibiting excessive secretion of sebaceous glands.

In Zen5, our TCM doctors specifically analyse your condition through detailed consultation and give out dietary advice and treatment plans. The cosmetic acupuncture is to quickly shrink the size of pimples and stop itchiness and pain by promoting blood circulation under the skin.The Chinese herbal medicine we prescribed by TCM doctors for each patient helps to assist the internal adjustment which balances the body health. The combination of acupuncture and herbal medicine eventually help to restore your healthy and flawless skin.

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