Colour Tea

This range of teas is comprised of a selection of traditional teas such as green, yellow, oolong (cyan), black & red teas all offering a unique and enjoyable assortment of flavours for the avid Chinese traditionalist tea drinker.

The colour of the tea is determined by the amount of fermentation or oxidation that has occur in the tea leaf before it is dried.

  • Green Tea, is the least fermented and has undergone almost no oxidation. Green Tea is cold in nature and is well known for its effect on reducing body temperature; as well as its antibacterial effects and its ability to reduce cholesterol and body fats.
  • Yellow Tea, is partially fermented. It has undergone approximately 20% oxidation. The health benefits of yellow tea are very similar to green tea, however the tea itself has a slightly different fragrance.
  • Oolong Tea, sometimes referred to as Cyan Tea is 50% fermented. It is cold in nature and has similar health benefits to green tea with the addition of also improving skin complexion.
  • Black Tea is 80% fermented. Unlike the previous teas, this is actually warm in nature. It is most suitable for people who require warmth. It is often used to reduce water retention in the body. Black tea is also highly compatible with other ingredients such as fruits and flowers.
  • Red Tea, also known as Chinese Black Tea is 100% fermented. It is very warm in nature is is commonly used for weight loss and digestion.

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