Quality Signature Herbal Teas Melbourne

Explore our variety of natural herbal tea selections

Here at Zen5 we pride ourselves on offering a quality range of herbal teas to appeal to any pallet, while offering all the naturally occurring antioxidants & health benefits that come with drinking a quality genuine Chinese herbal tea.Water Element Tea Selection

Whether you appreciate the subtle flavours of jasmine, lychee & rose or enjoy the stronger more robust flavours offered by our plum, broad ou erh or jin jun mei teas, you can be confident that you will find a tea that matches your preference for your morning, afternoon or evening naturally infused cup of tea.

Along with offering a broad range of teas with such selections as ‘Flower’, ‘Fruit’, ‘Herbal’ & our beautiful signature ‘Ball’ range you can be sure your purchasing genuine product as our entire tea selection are sourced directly from traditional growers located in China.


Fire Element Tea SelectionOur Tea Varieties

Flower Teas – If you’re seeking a delicate flavour this selection of both green & black teas will appeal to you, delicate flower pieces & other flora allows for a light floral range of flavours.

Fruit Teas – Infused with a combination of fine pieces of fruit & balanced with delicate flowers, this range offers a subtly sweet, fruity flavour.

Colour Teas – This range of teas that is comprised of a selection of traditional teas such as green, yellow, oolong (cyan), black & red teas all offering a unique and enjoyable assortment of flavours for the avid Chinese traditionalist tea drinker.

Ball Tea – Is our unique tea, a hand crafted ball of tea leaves that gives a striking visual appeal as it opens to present a display similar to that of a blooming flower when placed into hot water, this allows for an impressive display and is great to share with family & friends or give as a tasteful gift.


For any additional enquiries into our tea range please call or visit our City Emporium clinic at Shop 7, Lower Ground Floor, 269-321 Lonsdale St,   Melbourne, 3000