Qigong / Tai Chi Classes in Melbourne


Find calmness and serenity through Tai Chi & Qi Gong

Tai Chi at Zen5

The art of meditation – designed to still the mind and heal the body. These meditations aim to calm the spirit and allow the body time to heal. Qigong and Tai Chi coordinate the body’s functions and are designed to manage its rhythm. This is one of the most important subjects within Chinese medicine, and is compulsory for a Chinese Medicine practitioner to learn. Used with our complementary therapies, meditation works with mind and body to manage overall health and wellbeing.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient, gentle exercise technique which developed many centuries ago.  It helps to exercise every muscle in the body, regulate breathing, help us relax and keep calm.  Tai Chi is very often practiced by elderly people in China, where they gather in parks and practice the exercise in a group.  In the West, Tai Chi has recently gained popularity for young and old as a gentle form of relaxing exercise and also as a form of preventative health care.  It improves balance, energy and oxygen levels in the bloodstream (from breathing properly!).  For more information see the Tai Chi Research website.

Qi Gong

A literal translation of the Chinese “Qi Gong” means, “The Skill of Qi”.  In Chinese medicine, Qi is an important part of the body, mind and spirit.  It’s a major contributor to our health.  Zen5 has group classes or private, one-on-one sessions for clients who wish to learn this ancient and sacred healing art.

Zen5 has Qigong classes starting soon!

Our Principal Chinese Medicine Dr TianHui Xiao will be teaching the class. He will also teach private sessions (one on one.) It is recommended that Qigong beginners have at least one private session with Dr.Xiao to learn about some basic Qigong movements, which they can practice by themselves at home.

Group: $15 per class (60min)
Private sessions: $50 (45min) (individual)

If you are interested please ring us on (03) 9486 8998 for more details.