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Chinese Herbs Melbourne

Chinese Herbs in Melbourne

Zen5 Chinese Herbs

We look to nature for our medical supplies. Over thousands of years, Chinese herbalists have created medicines using herbal formulas and supplements to promote good health.

In these modern times, many people still use Chinese herbal medicine alongside modern medicine to enhance their health and promote wellbeing. This practice, along with Diet Therapy, exercise and meditation, was called “Yang Sheng” by the Ancient Chinese. It means, “To Feed Life”. The herbalists at Zen5 are proud to share this wonderful philosophy with their Melbourne clientele, using the Five elements in the Four Directions of Melbourne – North, South, East and West.

Chinese herbs use a wide variety of substances from the roots, leaves and flowers of plants, to minerals and sea shells. Clients’ allergies are always taken into account and all of our herbalists do a thorough health assessment before writing a prescription for Chinese herbs. A consultation for a prescription of Chinese herbs takes from 15 minutes to half an hour. We advise about diet and then mix up a custom made formula for each client. We give clear, easy to follow instructions on how to take Chinese herbs. If clients need to contact their practitioner about the herbal medicine, they are encouraged to call our clinics and arrange to speak with the practitioner. This way we can ensure that our care is thorough and consistent.

Chinese Herbs Treatments.

Just some of the problems we treat with Chinese herbs are:

  • Colds and Flu
  • Menopause
  • Endometriosis and period pain
  • Fertility assistance
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Arthritis

Chinese Herbalist Medicines

Chinese Herbalist Medicines.

The herbal medicines and treatments available from Zen5 are specially devised for each person, and perfectly complement other medicines. Our Chinese herbs are prescribed in powdered form and administered as a tea, for clients’ convenience. Dosages vary depending on the strength of the condition treated, and the sensitivity and constitution of the client.

Our practitioners endeavor to assist recovery in the clinic; the herbs help to aid recovery at home.

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