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Your Summer Health: Fire Element in Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine takes a holistic approach to health and wellness. The fire element is most commonly discussed when Summer comes up. It’s the element that’s associated with hot months and is a time for human beings to flourish. For more information about Summer and the fire element, keep reading below!

When Your Fire Element Is In Deficit

Fire is most commonly associated with the heart, the small intestine, and the pericardium, and the body’s temperature. Because of this, many problems can arise when the Fire element is in deficit.

Symptoms include the following:

  • Respiratory problems
  • Digestion problems and diarrhea
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • High body temperature

As fire affects your body’s internal water systems, your body’s systems can also be affected when your fire element is in deficit. Urination and menstruation are examples of how your body can be affected.

When Your Fire Element is In Excess

In this case, you’ll experience some of the same problems here as you would if your fire element was in deficit. You’ll find, for example, that you may have problems with urination, joint inflammation, hypersexuality, and infections. You’ll also have problems with your body’s temperature.

How Your Fire Element Affects Your Spirit

Fire is associated with passion. For this reason, the Fire element will manifest in the form of happiness, laughter, and joy. You’ll find that when the Fire element is active, you have a better understanding of yourself and you’ll have an openness of consciousness.

The reason we’re so affected when we’re lacking our Fire is that we’re not experiencing a “blooming”. This blooming is important because it allows us to bloom in all aspects of our lives.

When we’re lacking our Fire element, our relationships suffer. We may see a reduced sex drive, experience feelings of jealousy, and even an increase in anxiety or fears of rejection.

There are some people who view the Fire element as being on a constant high. Those who are stuck in this phase may experience constant talking, joking, laughter, and happines. On another note, people with very low fire can be cold and can experience troubles in relationships.

What is your fire like?

Chinese Medicine MelbourneIf you want to be healthy, you need to have a balance in your fire. When you’re too hot, this can cause just as many implications as when you’re too cold. You can determine what your fire is like by asking yourself a few questions.

Do you consider your relationships important?
Do you have healthy relationships?

How do you view love?

How do you see yourself when you look in the mirror?

Your Small Intestine and Your Fire

Your small intestine is meant to differentiate between the clean and the unclean, the pure and the impure. Physically, this makes sense. Your small intestine sorts through the food you eat. Spiritually, however, your small intestine is also meant to sort through the impurities in your mind. A healthy fire will help you to see things in a realistic and positive light, rather than a negative one.


With Summer here, we have more and more people asking us how this will affect their fire. After all, fire is directly correlated to Summer and has a significant impact on your overall health. Whether you’re in excess or in deficit, you need to be aware of your fire. If you have any other questions about the five elements, how they affect your life and how you can achieve a balance with Traditional Chinese Medicine, feel free to contact us at Zen5 today!

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